What is NewsML?

What is NewsML? I ask my friends in class… Some shrugged their shoulders while some tried to explain to me. But the verbosity supersedes me. At this point in time as I type this entry… I have absolutely no clues what exactly is NewsML. But for certain it’s got to do with news and some form of technology.

According to NewsML for dummies (i.e. me 😦 ):


NewsML is a media independent standard for describing news in an electronic service environment.
NewsML defines an XML based language for expressing the structure of news , associated metadata,
and relationships between news, throughout their lifecycle
So NewsML is used to delivery news content? Yes… Not only that, it is designed to deliver metacontents which includes videos, audios, animations and text (the content).
Here is an illustration of the structure of NewsML:

Credited from NewsML for dummies


Frankly, I still don’t exactly get NewsML… Worse than a dummy? Haha! I’m praying hard Mr Choy ain’t going to test us on NewsML for the finals…



NewsML for dummies, L. Le Meur (AFP),  September 30 2001


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